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Jim speaks regularly at corporate offsites, at industry conferences, and at association meetings (e.g., Young Presidents’ Organization). He personally invests time with the event organizers to understand the group demographics and the specific goals of the event champions. His keynote addresses are then crafted to inspire and entertain the audience while realizing the organizers’ goals.

Drawing from his vast experience with high achievers and spouses navigating business and personal transitions, Jim’s experience, warmth, and humor leave his audiences eager to put his ideas into action. Addresses can range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the level of interaction desired among the participants.

Drama-Free Living

Abstract :

Drama-Free Living

Duration: 45 – 75 minutes

Envision that “certain person”—the work peer, boss, a client, a relative, a loved one—who pushes your buttons. You know the relationship is broken. Every encounter triggers your emotions and hijacks your thinking. You imagine a more collaborative and productive relationship—maybe even vulnerable and caring—but your repair attempts are rejected and your energy gets drained. There’s lots of drama and you’re trapped on the stage.

There’s a better way.

Using a blend of entertaining and poignant stories, and simple interaction approaches, Jim inspires you to “get off the stage” and experience drama-free living. He explains the seven proven steps for getting off the stage and realizing a drama-free family, work-environment, and life. You’ll learn how to be present for, listen to, and MANAGE others who are struggling with their own emotional turmoil and disrupting your life.

Once you reclaim the lost energy squandered in drama-laden relationships, you can channel it into authentic relationships and full-out living.

Drama-Free Living is based on Jim Warner’s and Kaley Klemp’s award winning book, The Drama-Free Office.


When Having It All Isn’t Enough

Duration: 60–90 minutes

Abstract :

We have our names on the door, the vacation home, and the envy of our peers. Our net worth may be well into the millions. Our spouse is visible and vibrant, and our do-it-all kids are targeted for big things. Outwardly, we seem to have it all, but behind the scenes . . .

We spin in an endless cycle of obligations, lacking life purpose or peace. We feel driven to amass more wealth – because there is never enough. Our spouse and kids resent us for putting career ahead of family. We long for a spiritual connection, but don’t know where or how to begin. We have few friends or mentors who will tell us the truth. Our lives may look good on the outside, but inside we’re beginning to sense: I’m stuck – this isn’t working.

Jim outlines the “stages of stuckness” and presents the common symptoms, patterns, and stories of leaders and spouses who are navigating challenging life transitions. He then paints the path out of the stuckness, built upon a commitment of realizing core-level life transformation.


How Do I Feel Good Again? Recapturing Lost Energy and Passion

Duration: 60–90 minutes

Abstract :

“Everyone views me as successful, but my passion for life is quite low. I feel slow and sluggish. I’m going through the motions in my work and in my relationships. I don’t seem to have any energy. If I’m so successful (powerful, wealthy, significant, in control), why do I feel so empty? How do I feel good again?”

Conventional routes to success often leave high-achieving people drained, disillusioned, and cut off from loved ones – even if they achieve their “goals” – because the conventional road bypasses the inner journey. True, sustainable aliveness, grounded in an inner peace, can only be achieved by self-exploration, a commitment to total truth, and the intention to reestablish the precious flow of life through us.

This session presents the common ways energy, passion, and joy get drained out of our lives; how to get them back; and how to amplify the flow of life into us, through us, and out to others.


How to Face and Navigate Difficult Times with Courage and Clarity

Duration: 60–90 minutes

Abstract :

The majority of YPOers and WPOers we’ve spoken with and coached since September 2008 are carrying a blend of anxiety, embarrassment, resentment, and paralysis related to the world economic crisis and its impact on their businesses, families, and personal lives.

One WPOer describes his blur of emotions as “an annoying, low-grade hum that’s always present in my head.” These unexpressed emotions drain energy, distort thinking, and blunt the innovation and decisiveness required to lead during troubled times.

These are not “head” issues. They are issues of the heart, psyche, and spirit. And from our experience at forum retreats and chapter events since September 2008, most YPOers and WPOers are either inexperienced or clueless on how to navigate their emotional paralysis, and lead with courage and clarity. They are scared and lost. Most have never been here before. They need help and don’t know where to start.

This session offers specific, immediately usable tools for stilling the inner turbulence and reclaiming lost energy. In addition, the session will address:

  • How to go into and through your own fears to a place of clarity
  • How to acknowledge, grieve, accept, and move on from the losses (financial, dreams, relationships) you have incurred or will incur as part of the worldwide economic uncertainty
  • How to face and release the relentless inner voices of “I should have known,” or “Why didn’t I . . .” that drain energy, inhibit relationships, and reduce productivity
  • How to be present for, listen to, and support others (family members, work associates, forum mates) who are struggling with their own emotional turmoil
  • How to enlist support for yourself (guides, coaches, advisors, mentors)
  • How to lead with integrity, calmness, and courage, when all around you are scared, blaming, or numb
  • How to forgive yourself and others, learn from and release the past, and focus with confidence on your go-forward plan


  • Hamid Moghadam
    CEO – Prologis
    “Working with Jim Warner was of tremendous value to our senior leadership team. We were able to identify and work through the obstacles that were getting in the way of our making and executing important organizational decisions. I am forever grateful to Jim for his work with our company.”
  • Jim Ellis
    Dean – Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
    "Jim's presentation to our San Gabriel Valley WPO Chapter was spellbinding for our members. The dinner conversation afterward was as animated as I have ever seen it, ringing with thoughts from the talk. A truly memorable evening for our chapter. It was outstanding – not soon forgotten."
  • Steve Lockshin
    CEO – Convergent Wealth Management
    "Jim and his associates have been instrumental in our firm's development around the most crucial area of business – communication. Day and day again we put into practice the elements developed during our OnCourse training. I'm proud to say these techniques have also had a positive impact on my personal relationships outside of work."
  • Reade Fahs
    YPO – Southern Seven Chapter
    "Jim takes YPO groups (big and small) to new levels. I have worked with Jim in multiple settings and he always delivers. He is a font of information, inspiration, and innovation."
  • Ashok Melwani
    YPO – Singapore
    "It has been several years since I attended the Transition Seminar with Jim, yet I can still hear my key lessons in Jim's own voice as clear as a bell. Jim guided me in both evoking the emotions I needed to explore and inspiring me to take action.”
  • Steve Fazio
    YPO – Santa Monica Bay
    “Jim Warner is an experienced pro and knows how to migrate with the participants’ needs and score a '10' each and every time. I recommend Jim and members of the OnCourse Team for any group development work, conference planning, forum moderating, or life-transition dialogue.”
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