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Our Authentic Leadership Training (ALT) is an experiential suite of modules for growing managers and leaders. The customized program is designed to accelerate and sustain career development and enterprise growth.

Committed leaders understand the critical importance of selecting and growing their human capital. ALT offers immediately usable tools and an experiential "laboratory" for fostering candid, collaborative, and courageous interactions among professionals in high-performance, high-intensity environments.

ALT is designed to serve both high-potential individuals and intact work teams. The integrated series leads to higher operating efficiency, which in turn leads to increased stakeholder value. The training and experiential components of each module invite participants to release time-wasting and energy-draining drama, and consciously choose curiosity and open engagement.

The ALT series consists of five foundation modules and five advanced modules. Position your mouse over the individual modules for a brief description.

  • John Donahoe
    YPO – Barbary Coast; CEO – eBay
    "Jim is the most effective facilitator I have worked with. His combination of experience, judgment, and empathy allowed our forum and several of our members to achieve real breakthroughs."
  • Hamid Moghadam
    CEO – Prologis
    “Working with Jim Warner was of tremendous value to our senior leadership team. We were able to identify and work through the obstacles that were getting in the way of our making and executing important organizational decisions. I am forever grateful to Jim for his work with our company.”
  • Ian Troop
    CEO – 2015 Pan American Games
    "Jim crafted an intervention with my Global management team at ConAgra Foods International. His combination of people savvy and commonsense tools bridged cultures and had a lasting impact on how our Leadership team worked together."
  • Rob Follows
    Founding Partner – STS Capital Partners; climber of Mt. Everest and Seven Summits
    "Jim understands high achievers, how we interact, and what motivates us as people and business leaders. His work yields penetrating insights into what makes up and sustains a high-performance team."
  • Steve Lockshin
    CEO – Convergent Wealth Management
    "Jim and his associates have been instrumental in our firm's development around the most crucial area of business – communication. Day and day again we put into practice the elements developed during our OnCourse training. I'm proud to say these techniques have also had a positive impact on my personal relationships outside of work."
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