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Jim Warner is an engineer, sportsman, husband, father, and change agent. Jim grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in the 1950s and 1960s.He majored in Engineering at the University of Michigan and was named outstanding nonvarsity athlete in his senior year, competing in 16 different sports. A lifelong sportsman, Jim has won state championships in three different sports, and still relishes racquet sports, snow skiing, water skiing, and snowboarding.

At age 23 Jim fell in love with Judy, dropped out of MBA school, and moved to Colorado, where Judy worked as a teacher. For several years he worked at the cutting edge of computer graphics technology at the University of Colorado. At age 29 he founded Precision Visuals, a data visualization software company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. The company grew rapidly to become a leading worldwide software supplier.

During his mid-thirties Jim spent three years in the Harvard Business School’s Owner-President Management Program, which proved to be a watershed time in his career. His leadership skills blossomed and he was named graduation speaker. This memorable period sparked his interest in both inspirational speaking and being a change agent in the lives of others.

In his late thirties Jim entered his own dark period. He downsized and restructured the company, while navigating bouts of self-doubt and depression. Several loving friends guided him through this difficult gauntlet, and he emerged a more aware, open man. In a sense, his work today with high achievers and their companies is a way of “paying it forward” as a tribute to the men and women who supported him during his own transition.

After selling his company at age 42, he entered a three-year sabbatical period, devoting time to his three young children, while gaining clarity on his own personality, blind spots, natural gifts, and next-stage-of-life mission as an advisor and guide. He was invited to lead YPO forum retreats, which was a perfect match with his gifts as a facilitator, challenger, and whole-life guide. These small-group retreats eventually led to engagements with companies navigating difficult transitions, and with individuals, couples, and families contemplating whole-life transformations.

Today, Jim remains committed to the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual vibrancy that are the foundation of a life well lived. He meets regularly with a core support group in Colorado, and has multiple accountability partners around the world. He enjoys authentic, enriching relationships with Judy, his family, his friends, the OnCourse Associates, and the people he is privileged to touch in his work.

  • Bob Buford
    Chairman – The Peter Drucker Institute; author, Halftime and Finishing Well
    "I have known Jim Warner for over 25 years. He has first-rate skills in all phases of personal development -- individual, corporate, and couples."
  • Bobby Sager
    "YPOer, philanthropist, world-level change agent
    Transitions are filled with opportunity. But you need to face yourself and be true. Jim Warner’s intuitive, practical, and challenging guidance yields a return on investment that is beyond anything you ever knew."
  • Sabrina Kay
    Chancellor and CEO – Fremont College
    “Life is full of uncertainties, and it's difficult to wander through the fog without a guide. Jim Warner is brutally straightforward and cares deeply to get to your core to help you clear the fog. He has several tried-and-true methods for facilitating communication with your inner self and changing the course of your thinking forever. A two-day retreat with Jim jump-started my personal journey of self-discovery and reflection.”
  • Andrew Daly
    General Partner – Gore Peaks Investments, LLC
    “Lasting personal transitions are difficult at best and often feel overwhelming, consuming extraordinary amounts of time and energy. My Personal Transformation Retreat with Jim allowed me to explore my strengths and shadows in a focused, supportive environment. I returned much better prepared for my next great opportunity. Jim’s support has continued beyond the retreat, anchoring the effectiveness and the value.”
  • Chris Haase
    YPO – Nevada
    “Jim has helped me shape a vision of how I'd like my life to turn out, how I'd like to be remembered someday by my family and friends, and what really matters most. He's also helped me piece together a map to that place. I now have a reliable compass for choosing a route that best suits my personality and value system. Our work together has been a real blessing.”
  • Arvid Albanese
    YPO – Florida
    “Work hard, play hard was my motto for my first 40 years. I had a successful business and a lot of fun, but my relationships were shallow. When Jim invited me to explore a ‘life beyond myself,’ I was intrigued yet realized I was clueless as to what this would look like. But in some strange way I knew it was a missing link. Today, with Jim’s guidance, I feel I’m a much more grounded person. Although there are times when it feels harder and less fun, I feel I’ve become more joyous, giving, and vulnerable. And it feels great.”
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