Jim guides committed individuals through whole-life transformations.

Jim WarnerPersonal Transformations

Jim’s personal transformation mission is to guide committed individuals, couples, and families through core-level, whole-life transformations. He’s gone through several transformational stages and overlapping roles in his own life.

On the vocational side, he began his career as a programmer. After seven years working at the cutting edge of computer graphics technology (long before Pixar), he launched his entrepreneurial career, founding, growing, downsizing, transforming, and eventually selling his own software company.

The latter years in his company were grueling as he navigated radically changing markets, missed product opportunities, and his own self-doubt. Upon selling their first business, most entrepreneurs take a little time off and “do it all over again.” Instead, Jim chose to enter a three-year period of introspection and questioning: How could he rejuvenate relationships with his family and friends? How could he leverage his existing and latent skills and interests in a meaningful way?  How could he overcome personal weaknesses that blocked his fulfillment?

During this sabbatical Jim attended several personal exploration retreats, getting clear on his strengths as an advisor and guide to individuals and couples in transition. He continues to devote 2-4 weeks per year to personal development experiences. These have included:

The Enneagram Institute Trainings
The Hoffman Quadrinity Process
The Hendricks Institute Trainings
Boulder Integral Seminars (propagating the work of Ken Wilber)
The Center for Action and Contemplation (propagating the work of Richard Rohr)
The New Warrior Training Adventure (sponsored by The Mankind Project)
Shadow Work Seminars
Young Presidents’ Organization and World Presidents’ Organization Seminars

On the personal side, Jim and Judy have navigated the joys, challenges, and transformations of a 34-year marriage, raising three children from innocence to adolescence to young adulthood.

Jim guides committed individuals through whole-life transformations.

  • Ken May
    Former CEO – FedEx Kinkos
    "I was blessed to be able to attend a two-day Personal Transformation Retreat with Jim. I can honestly say it changed my life. Jim allowed me to look at my life and the direction it was taking through many new lenses. Being able to reflect in midlife set me on a new course."
  • Bobby Sager
    "YPOer, philanthropist, world-level change agent
    Transitions are filled with opportunity. But you need to face yourself and be true. Jim Warner’s intuitive, practical, and challenging guidance yields a return on investment that is beyond anything you ever knew."
  • Sabrina Kay
    Chancellor and CEO – Fremont College
    “Life is full of uncertainties, and it's difficult to wander through the fog without a guide. Jim Warner is brutally straightforward and cares deeply to get to your core to help you clear the fog. He has several tried-and-true methods for facilitating communication with your inner self and changing the course of your thinking forever. A two-day retreat with Jim jump-started my personal journey of self-discovery and reflection.”
  • David Barlow
    Chair – McLean Hospital; former biotech CEO
    “Jim has been an inspiring guide to me through all of my life transitions, large and small, personal and professional. His vast wisdom and practical experience – especially having run his own business – helped transform my relationship with myself, my approach to my life calling, and the world around me.”
  • Jim Barnett
    YPO – Barbary Coast
    "Jim has had a transformational impact on my life. The combination of his talent, experience, and commitment have made him the perfect guide for managing both my personal and business transitions. With Jim's guidance, my life has moved to a completely new level of joy and aliveness."
  • Dick Simon
    WPO – Boston
    "Jim's Marriage at Midlife program really helped Patty and me to improve and deepen our communication, think about and structure our next life stages, focus on priorities, and face our 'shadows' head-on. We have a much richer relationship as a result. An absolute '10' life-changing and enriching experience."
  • Frank Buonanotte
    WPO – Southern Seven
    “To say that my work with Jim has been life-changing would be an understatement; life-saving would be far more accurate. Jim’s thoughtful guidance has created the opportunity for me to shift into a completely different life – one filled with joy.”
  • Michael Brown
    YPO – Barbary Coast
    “Crazy as it sounds, my first three-day retreat with Jim changed my life. With what I learned from Jim, I have a whole new framework to think about my life purpose, the relationships in my life, and how to be truly happy.”
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