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Forum Authenticity Assessment

This 360-degree online assessment allows forum members to evaluate each other's level of authenticity at forum meetings. The assessment is intended for forums that have been together for at least one year. It is especially valuable where the forum is operating at less than optimal levels; where tension exists among certain members or where certain members are prone to drama or energy-draining behavior.

The assessment pinpoints the interpersonal strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots of each forum member, as discerned by the other forum members. The summary report commentary is explicit, and the assessment is only for groups who are serious about achieving and sustaining high levels of truth-telling and authenticity.

  • Robert Mulderig
    WPO – Bermuda
    “Jim Warner has been a tremendous addition to a number of our YPO and WPO Forums. He has an amazing ability to get us to dig deep, seek the truth, and confront the destructive behaviors that hold us back from clean living. Jim is a warm, empathetic, great guy, and has become a friend in addition to a valued resource.”
  • Melinda Hudson
    YPO Spouse – Sydney, Australia
    "Jim's and Judy's guidance at our spouse forum retreat has inspired me to seek deeper and more authentic relationships, not only with my forum, but with everyone in my life, including myself!"
  • Roman Brunner
    YPO – Zurich, Switzerland
    "Jim's first retreat with us laid the foundation for us to go deep and to grow. The following two retreats cemented our relationships and strengthened the bond among us in a way that we never thought would be possible. As a moderator today in a new Forum in a different country, I am using Jim's tools to reach a sustainable quality and depth."
  • Brian Bouma
    YPO – Barbary Coast
    "Jim was the catalyst for taking our forum to new depths of intimacy, authentic relationships with each other, and a level of bonding we had not experienced in our four years together. I strongly encourage any forum to work with Jim."
  • James Vance
    YPO – Nevada
    "Jim is an incredible facilitator. He possesses the strength of character for leading dynamic and high-powered groups into deeper levels of commitment and purpose. He has a unique ability to sense important moments and to boldly ask the tough questions. He then carefully guides us through intimate moments of self-discovery."
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