Beyond the standard YPO forum-related trainings (e.g., Moderator Training), the OnCourse Principals offer several special forum-related programs.

Forum Moderator / Officer Workshops

Structured as either a half-day or full-day session, these workshops help chapter forum officers or regional forum champions strengthen and expand the skill sets of their forum moderators.

Prior to the workshop, each participant completes a customized, two-page checklist on the most pressing issues within his/her chapter (forum officers) or individual forum (moderators). At the workshop we invest our time together in a blend of:

  • Addressing the most prevalent or pressing issues brought up in the checklist
  • Doing deeper, experiential exercises (abridged versions) that can be used immediately within forums
  • Free-flowing Q&A

Typical issues (from past workshops) include:

  • Guidelines/norms for meetings and retreats
  • Tools and exercises for creating safety at meetings and retreats
  • Conflict within the forum (spoken or unspoken): personal conflicts among members; hidden agendas; business conflicts
  • Flat, stagnant, stale, shallow, boring forums and how to jump-start them
  • Weak moderator
  • The chapter member that no forum wants
  • Forum sabotage, including dominant members, brash behavior, inappropriate humor
  • Dysfunctional member(s) (e.g., addictive, immature, or dangerous behavior)
  • Breaches of confidentiality (alleged or confirmed)
  • Handling emotional outbursts
  • Asking a member to leave a forum
  • Cliques, pecking order, widely varying net worth among members, other inequalities
  • Fast integration of new members into a forum
  • Honoring exiting members
  • Reluctance to share personal, delicate, deep issues with a forum
  • Delving into taboo topics
  • Key success factors for retreats
  • Advanced retreat tools and exercises
  • "Anytime" questions to use in a forum meeting when all else fails

Objectives / Take-Home Value

  • Tools for addressing the ugly, often unspoken conflicts within a forum or among members of the forum
  • Tools, exercises, and coaching for addressing and resolving the more difficult issues and relationships of struggling forums
  • Tools, exercises, and coaching for helping high-functioning forums get to deep or taboo topics/issues, including power, money, sex, fragile marriages, death, anger, fear, grief, loneliness, and spirituality

Advanced Forum Training: Authentic Relationships

This experiential training offers potent tools for forum moderators and YPO members and spouses to realize authenticity and deepen intimacy with their forums, spouses, children, extended families, and work teams. In what is structured as a one-day training intensive, participants create a confidential, forum-like environment for breaking through relational bottlenecks and restoring or igniting honest, productive, caring communications.

The Authentic Relationships training is a blend of proven communication models and experiential learning. Authentic Relationships is ideal for forum moderators seeking advanced tools for taking their forums to deeper, more truthful levels, and for any YPO members and their spouses desiring a transformation in their personal and vocational relationships. Authentic Relationships is also ideal for individual forums who wish to be trained as a unit.

Typical Relationship Issues of Participants

  • Shallow, guarded relationships that inhibit truth and intimacy
  • Hidden agendas and facades which gridlock communication and stall growth
  • Little knowledge of the backgrounds of others so you never know where the other person is coming from
  • Politeness trumps honesty so groups never get to the root issues
  • Patterns of concealing, complaining, and controlling
  • Constant friction among team members drains the energy of the entire group

Take-Home Value

  • Proven techniques for creating safety, clearing issues, cutting through fluff, addressing conflict, and holding emotions
  • Immediate applicability in forums, work teams, and marriages
  • Tools to take personal and forum relationships to deeper, more intimate levels
  • Greater awareness of the underlying dynamics of small groups
  • Predicting, facing, and navigating through resistance to change
  • Tools for dealing with chaotic or dysfunctional relationships
  • A new paradigm for member breakthroughs during presentations at forum meetings
  • "Fast feedback" tools for measurable goal-setting and accountability (ideal for forum environments and work teams)
  • A wealth of self-awareness exercises for your forum or work team

  • Reade Fahs
    YPO – Southern Seven Chapter
    "Jim takes YPO groups (big and small) to new levels. I have worked with Jim in multiple settings and he always delivers. He is a font of information, inspiration, and innovation."
  • Ashok Melwani
    YPO – Singapore
    "It has been several years since I attended the Transition Seminar with Jim, yet I can still hear my key lessons in Jim's own voice as clear as a bell. Jim guided me in both evoking the emotions I needed to explore and inspiring me to take action.”
  • James Vance
    YPO – Nevada
    "Jim is an incredible facilitator. He possesses the strength of character for leading dynamic and high-powered groups into deeper levels of commitment and purpose. He has a unique ability to sense important moments and to boldly ask the tough questions. He then carefully guides us through intimate moments of self-discovery."
  • Michael Dougherty
    CEO – Kindermusik International
    “Jim’s tailored trainings should be REQUIRED for EVERY moderator during their tenure. He knows how to both raise the bar on forum authenticity and then sustain it.”
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