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Jim Warner is currently a WPO member in the Rocky Mountain Chapter. From 1987 to 1994 he was a member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of YPO and an active member of a forum. After selling his software company in 1992 he entered both his grace period within YPO and a three-year sabbatical, seeking to reconnect with his family after 12 intense years in business, and also to refine his vocational calling. During this sabbatical Jim was invited to facilitate forum retreats for YPO friends in other chapters, and discovered this facilitation work was an excellent fit with his talents and his vocational mission to inspire and guide high achievers.

Since 1995 Jim has facilitated over 200 YPO and WPO member and spouse forum retreats around the globe. In 1997 Jim, with YPO champion Jeffrey Ullman of the Santa Monica Bay Chapter, launched the first YPO Navigating Transitions seminar Since then Jim has led 14 YPO Transition seminars in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Jim's books, Aspirations of Greatness and Facing Pain—Embracing Love, are based on the stories of over 2,000 YPOers and another 300 spouses navigating difficult midlife transitions. Since the release of the first book, and the subsequent audio series When Having It All Isn't Enough, Jim has become a regular speaker at YPO chapter events, area conferences, and universities.

Often, alumni of Jim's forum retreats or transitions seminars, or attendees at a YPO education event, will retain Jim or an OnCourse Associate to guide them through a difficult personal or marital transition. Personal breakthroughs are often achieved in an intensive, personalized retreat setting, and sustained through ongoing coaching with an OnCourse Associate. Some YPOers then retain Jim or an Associate to inspire similar changes in their companies

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  • Jim Ellis
    Dean – Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
    "Jim's presentation to our San Gabriel Valley WPO Chapter was spellbinding for our members. The dinner conversation afterward was as animated as I have ever seen it, ringing with thoughts from the talk. A truly memorable evening for our chapter. It was outstanding – not soon forgotten."
  • Robert Mulderig
    WPO – Bermuda
    “Jim Warner has been a tremendous addition to a number of our YPO and WPO Forums. He has an amazing ability to get us to dig deep, seek the truth, and confront the destructive behaviors that hold us back from clean living. Jim is a warm, empathetic, great guy, and has become a friend in addition to a valued resource.”
  • Sam Goodner
    YPO – Austin, TX
    "Jim Warner facilitated our YPO Presidents' Retreat in 2010. To say that our group is demanding and hard to manage would be an understatement, yet Jim received our highest speaker ratings of anyone in the past several years. The general consensus was that Jim was both thought-provoking and delivered great take-home value."
  • Melinda Hudson
    YPO Spouse – Sydney, Australia
    "Jim's and Judy's guidance at our spouse forum retreat has inspired me to seek deeper and more authentic relationships, not only with my forum, but with everyone in my life, including myself!"
  • Roman Brunner
    YPO – Zurich, Switzerland
    "Jim's first retreat with us laid the foundation for us to go deep and to grow. The following two retreats cemented our relationships and strengthened the bond among us in a way that we never thought would be possible. As a moderator today in a new Forum in a different country, I am using Jim's tools to reach a sustainable quality and depth."
  • Brian Bouma
    YPO – Barbary Coast
    "Jim was the catalyst for taking our forum to new depths of intimacy, authentic relationships with each other, and a level of bonding we had not experienced in our four years together. I strongly encourage any forum to work with Jim."
  • John Kinney
    YPO – Northern California
    “Jim brought both magic and enduring value to our YPO forum retreat. The retreat was a true life-changer for me, and our forum leapt to a wonderful, unexpected level as individual insights were unveiled. We now have the mutual support and respect to sustain this momentum in our regular meetings.”
  • James Vance
    YPO – Nevada
    "Jim is an incredible facilitator. He possesses the strength of character for leading dynamic and high-powered groups into deeper levels of commitment and purpose. He has a unique ability to sense important moments and to boldly ask the tough questions. He then carefully guides us through intimate moments of self-discovery."
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