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AboutJim Warner

Jim Warner is an entrepreneur, author, and transitions expert. During the 1980s and early 1990s, he founded, grew, ran, and eventually sold an international software company. After a three-year “midlife sabbatical,” he formed OnCourse International as the platform for guiding both businesses in transition and individuals seeking personal transformation.

Jim’s Business Transition work is a blend of CEO coaching, executive team development, and succession planning. The overarching goal in all engagements is productive, efficient, drama-free interactions among managers and leaders at all levels of the organization.

Jim’s Personal Transformation work with individuals, couples, and family units includes whole-life assessments, life-planning retreats, ongoing coaching, and life-enhancement programs. All offerings help committed clients to find a deeper sense of life meaning, to forge and sustain authentic relationships, and to live out their innate essence.

Jim and Judy Wells Warner have been married for 34 years and live in Boulder, Colorado. They enjoy enriching relationships with their three adult children. Jim is an alumnus of the University of Michigan and Harvard Business School (OPM program). He is a member of World Presidents’ Organization and was a member of Young Presidents’ Organization from 1987 through 1994.

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  • Ken May
    Former CEO – FedEx Kinkos
    "I was blessed to be able to attend a two-day Personal Transformation Retreat with Jim. I can honestly say it changed my life. Jim allowed me to look at my life and the direction it was taking through many new lenses. Being able to reflect in midlife set me on a new course."
  • Pat Christen
    CEO – Hope Lab, San Francisco, CA
    "Living a fully engaged and joy-filled life is absolutely possible. Jim Warner's wise and energetic counsel with leaders and teams is exemplary. I have experienced firsthand the power of his work. He is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking a transformative path."
  • Bobby Sager
    "YPOer, philanthropist, world-level change agent
    Transitions are filled with opportunity. But you need to face yourself and be true. Jim Warner’s intuitive, practical, and challenging guidance yields a return on investment that is beyond anything you ever knew."
  • Ian Troop
    CEO – 2015 Pan American Games
    "Jim crafted an intervention with my Global management team at ConAgra Foods International. His combination of people savvy and commonsense tools bridged cultures and had a lasting impact on how our Leadership team worked together."
  • Steve Lockshin
    CEO – Convergent Wealth Management
    "Jim and his associates have been instrumental in our firm's development around the most crucial area of business – communication. Day and day again we put into practice the elements developed during our OnCourse training. I'm proud to say these techniques have also had a positive impact on my personal relationships outside of work."
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