Jim Warner is a business advisor and whole-life guide

OnCourse International is a worldwide network of professional advisors dedicated to guiding senior executives and their teams through organizational transitions. Our expertise includes leadership development, organizational structure, strategy, and culture. 

Jim Warner and a uniquely gifted team of seasoned associates also guide committed individuals and couples through core-level life transformations. We help you explore and embrace greater self-awareness, more authentic relationships, and deeper meaning in your life. 

Praise for
The Drama-Free Office

John Donahoe
CEO – eBay

“Jim and Kaley have written the definitive guidebook for cutting drama out of the workplace. Their strategies are immediate and practical, their stories insightful and direct.”

The Drama-Free Office
By Jim Warner and Kaley Klemp

  • John Donahoe
    YPO – Barbary Coast; CEO – eBay
    "Jim is the most effective facilitator I have worked with. His combination of experience, judgment, and empathy allowed our forum and several of our members to achieve real breakthroughs."
  • Hamid Moghadam
    CEO – Prologis
    “Working with Jim Warner was of tremendous value to our senior leadership team. We were able to identify and work through the obstacles that were getting in the way of our making and executing important organizational decisions. I am forever grateful to Jim for his work with our company.”
  • Ken May
    Former CEO – FedEx Kinkos
    "I was blessed to be able to attend a two-day Personal Transformation Retreat with Jim. I can honestly say it changed my life. Jim allowed me to look at my life and the direction it was taking through many new lenses. Being able to reflect in midlife set me on a new course."
  • Bob Buford
    Chairman – The Peter Drucker Institute; author, Halftime and Finishing Well
    "I have known Jim Warner for over 25 years. He has first-rate skills in all phases of personal development -- individual, corporate, and couples."
  • Jim Ellis
    Dean – Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
    "Jim's presentation to our San Gabriel Valley WPO Chapter was spellbinding for our members. The dinner conversation afterward was as animated as I have ever seen it, ringing with thoughts from the talk. A truly memorable evening for our chapter. It was outstanding – not soon forgotten."
  • Rob Follows
    Founding Partner – STS Capital Partners; climber of Mt. Everest and Seven Summits
    "Jim understands high achievers, how we interact, and what motivates us as people and business leaders. His work yields penetrating insights into what makes up and sustains a high-performance team."
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