Taylor Kinney
San Francisco, California – USA

Associates Taylor Kinney

Taylor's work centers around building personal and professional resilience.  From her health promotion work with high-performing Stanford undergraduates to her work with at-risk high school students, Taylor has coached young adults working through a broad spectrum of personal challenges and successes - including building authentic relationships, clarifying goals and direction, and navigating change.

Taylor is also an accomplished professional dancer, whose expertise lies in ballroom, salsa, and other styles of dance based on connection.  She approaches partner dance not only as a sport and an art form, but also as a mechanism for enhancing communication, connection, and leadership.

Additionally, Taylor works as an executive recruiter for Spencer Stuart—connecting the right executives with the right roles, based on capabilities, experience, leadership style, and culture fit.

Taylor is a graduate of Stanford University, where she earned a BA with a double major in Psychology and English.