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Senior Guides:
  • Have young adult children of their own, profound personal life experiences, and have worked with literally thousands of parents in:
    • Professional-and-whole-life coaching
    • Marital retreats and couples coaching
    • Confidential, small peer-group retreat facilitation
    • Corporate leaderships team off-site facilitation and on-going skill development programs for board and executive teams worldwide
    • Multi-generational family business offsite facilitation and on-going family governance
  • Over many years they have guided individuals, couples and small groups toward greater levels of personal awareness and interpersonal authenticity
  • They have earned the reputation as “authentic relationship experts”
  • Most senior guides have experienced inter-generational dynamics directly in their own families, and have led their own family-dynamics retreats
Young-Adult Guides:
  • Have navigated relationships with their own successful, affluent, or prominent parents
  • Are close-in-age to the program’s young adults, can relate to their current realities, easily empathize, speak from experience with relevance, and can quickly build trust with them
  • Have extensive experience coaching, guiding, and holding-accountable individuals from 18-to-70 years of age
  • Have led both adult and young-adult retreats, so they understand the parents’ dynamics as well as the young adults’ dynamics
  • Have launched enduring small group programs for Holistic Living at an International University

All resources are trained in dealing with the emotional, dramatic, identity, interpersonal, marital, and hard-decision aspects found in all human dynamics.


  • Loy Teik Ngan and Chong Kweikee
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Jim and Adam collaborated to launch a next-generation forum group composed of our three daughters and three young-adult relatives. This forum has given them the awareness, clarity, and maturity to build their own sense of self and explore their unique giftedness. I have seen them grow into confident, centered young adults. Our parent-with-young-adult relationships have deepened and we feel more connected than ever.

  • Loy Guang Wen
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Adam, inspired me to explore my inner workings, affirm my desires, and to embrace who I am. I could always see the door, but Adam provided the guidance and motivation I needed to step through it.

  • Maurice Collada
    New York, NY

    Four years out of law school, I joined a peer support group led by Adam and Paul. Without the structure of school that I had known for so long, I found my approach to life more reactive than proactive, allowing certain aspects of my life to slip away. Although progressing forward in my professional and personal life, I felt a nagging sense of becoming unmoored. Within the structure of my forum, I learned to be intentional about where I focus my energy. After two years, I now have clarity around my sense of direction and purpose. My relationship with my wife, my family and my friends are also stronger because I am aware of and can openly communicate my needs and motivators. With the support and accountability of this group, I am confident that I will achieve a full life, well lived.

  • Freddy Daues
    Denver, CO

    When I was 22 years old I joined a peer support group led by Adam and Paul. I truly feel lucky that I have had exposure to this unique dynamic. In an open environment with absolute trust, I have had the opportunity to be myself, speak my mind, learn from others that I respect, and get useful feedback on different aspects of my life. I can wholeheartedly claim that with support of this group I am taking full advantage of my life, living out my definition of success, comfortable with who I am, and confident in my path.

  • Chandra McClelland
    New York, NY

    I first connected with Jim and Peter in my mid-twenties while juggling work, grad school, and living in New York—close to burnout and not quite sure how to let go of some outgrown relationships. I learned the tools to find my balance, take a step back from drama-prone relationships, establish authentic footing at work, and regain my drive.

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