Adam Silberstein
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Core Team Members Adam Silberstein

Adam is well-versed in small group dynamics, providing facilitation services for YPO, EO, and young-adult forums that are looking to establish authentic connections with forum mates, and explore deep personal issues.

Adam also works with multi-generational family businesses seeking to establish open communication between generations, gain clarity on family legacy and values, explore ways to empower all family members, and forge deeper authentic relationships within the family.

In 1-on-1 coaching Adam empowers young adults to live a life that aligns with their highest values. By facilitating deep self-exploration and establishing effective accountability, young adults are inspired to identify and live out their passions, purpose, and genius. He also coaches young adults, providing support as they navigate transitional issues by exploring levels of self-awareness and establishing goal-realization techniques.

Complementing his facilitation and coaching practice, Adam has been the Portfolio Manager at a family office, a real estate investor, and an entrepreneur. He earned a BBA in Finance from the University of Miami and an MBA from the University of Florida. He and his wife, Yrma, and his young son, Adrian, reside in Miami, FL.

  • Loy Teik Ngan and Chong Kweikee
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Jim and Adam collaborated to launch a next-generation forum group composed of our three daughters and three young-adult relatives. This forum has given them the awareness, clarity, and maturity to build their own sense of self and explore their unique giftedness. I have seen them grow into confident, centered young adults. Our parent-with-young-adult relationships have deepened and we feel more connected than ever.

  • Loy Guang Wen
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Adam, inspired me to explore my inner workings, affirm my desires, and to embrace who I am. I could always see the door, but Adam provided the guidance and motivation I needed to step through it.

  • Maurice Collada
    New York, NY

    Four years out of law school, I joined a peer support group led by Adam and Paul. Without the structure of school that I had known for so long, I found my approach to life more reactive than proactive, allowing certain aspects of my life to slip away. Although progressing forward in my professional and personal life, I felt a nagging sense of becoming unmoored. Within the structure of my forum, I learned to be intentional about where I focus my energy. After two years, I now have clarity around my sense of direction and purpose. My relationship with my wife, my family and my friends are also stronger because I am aware of and can openly communicate my needs and motivators. With the support and accountability of this group, I am confident that I will achieve a full life, well lived.

  • Freddy Daues
    Denver, CO

    When I was 22 years old I joined a peer support group led by Adam and Paul. I truly feel lucky that I have had exposure to this unique dynamic. In an open environment with absolute trust, I have had the opportunity to be myself, speak my mind, learn from others that I respect, and get useful feedback on different aspects of my life. I can wholeheartedly claim that with support of this group I am taking full advantage of my life, living out my definition of success, comfortable with who I am, and confident in my path.

  • Chandra McClelland
    New York, NY

    I first connected with Jim and Peter in my mid-twenties while juggling work, grad school, and living in New York—close to burnout and not quite sure how to let go of some outgrown relationships. I learned the tools to find my balance, take a step back from drama-prone relationships, establish authentic footing at work, and regain my drive.

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