OnCourse provides proven assessments of all areas of your life.


Jim Warner and the OnCourse Associates are trained in the use of several diagnostic assessments that help our clients get clarity on either their business transitions or personal transformations. For more information, select one of the menu items in the left column.

Full 360 Drama Diagnostic

The OnCourse Drama Diagnostic assesses individuals’ tendencies to fall into energy-draining drama in their interactions with others. The Diagnostic allows self-assessments by an individual and assessments of the individual by others (co-workers, managers, subordinates, partners, family members, or any third party). Single individuals or groups of any size may use the Drama Diagnostic. The Diagnostic creates a comprehensive report which you may view either on screen or as a downloaded PDF file.

Key Features of the Drama Diagnostic

  • Self-assessment
  • Assessment by others
  • On-screen report
  • Downloaded PDF Report
  • Tips for managing specific forms of drama
  • Seven different third party categories (manager, colleague, family member ...)
  • Narrative comments by third parties
  • Multiple self-assessment environments (at work, at home, others)

Take the Drama Diagnostic

  • Hamid Moghadam
    CEO – Prologis
    “Working with Jim Warner was of tremendous value to our senior leadership team. We were able to identify and work through the obstacles that were getting in the way of our making and executing important organizational decisions. I am forever grateful to Jim for his work with our company.”
  • Jim Ellis
    Dean – Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
    "Jim's presentation to our San Gabriel Valley WPO Chapter was spellbinding for our members. The dinner conversation afterward was as animated as I have ever seen it, ringing with thoughts from the talk. A truly memorable evening for our chapter. It was outstanding – not soon forgotten."
  • Steve Lockshin
    CEO – Convergent Wealth Management
    "Jim and his associates have been instrumental in our firm's development around the most crucial area of business – communication. Day and day again we put into practice the elements developed during our OnCourse training. I'm proud to say these techniques have also had a positive impact on my personal relationships outside of work."
  • Jim Barnett
    YPO – Barbary Coast
    "Jim has had a transformational impact on my life. The combination of his talent, experience, and commitment have made him the perfect guide for managing both my personal and business transitions. With Jim's guidance, my life has moved to a completely new level of joy and aliveness."
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