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A Straight-Talking Audio Series on How to Navigate through the Greatest Challenges of Midlife Transition

In this inspiring audio series, Jim Warner identifies the issues, dilemmas, and emotions faced by an emerging generation of successful, but unfulfilled, professionals. These "winners with heart" appear to have it all, yet yearn for purpose, connection, and inner peace – along with a renewed energy and "aliveness." They have attained affluence and power, but confess to feeling little sense of mission, meaning, or connection in their lives.

This audio series and the accompanying workbook offer a comprehensive toolkit for your Personal Life Audit – the key questions you need to ask yourself, and the corresponding pressure points you need to probe, to step into your destiny. You’ll address and answer the piercing questions that reside at the core of every high achiever:

  • Who am I outside of my vocation?
  • What is my life for?
  • What is the role of money in my life?
  • What do I believe in?
  • How do I achieve greater intimacy and communion with my spouse, family, friends, and God?

This audit examines the fundamental areas in your life: purpose, money, balance and boundaries, energy, marriage and love relationships, friends and community, spirituality, and finally, your identity. The models in this inspirational program provide a blueprint for positive life change and offer uplifting, practical guidelines for living out your innate genius with gratitude, wisdom, and serenity. You’ll learn how to achieve your unique life goals, built on the cornerstones of (1) personal aliveness, (2) intimate community, (3) connection with Spirit, and (4) a passionate life purpose.

In When Having It All Isn’t Enough you will discover that:

  • It is impossible to be simultaneously grateful and unhappy.
  • The open expression of your emotions is the gateway to healing – and life.
  • Freedom from money anxiety comes when you view your life role as a steward versus an owner.
  • The hard truth, spoken with tenderness to a loved one, is the most direct way to achieve true intimacy.
  • Boundless energy is available to you when you practice truth, compassion, and forgiveness, and carve out times for solitude and reflection.
  • Almost all the voices floating around inside your head are really looking out for your own good.
  • Your life is not about you…you are about life.
  • No matter how distressed, stuck, or fragile you may feel, all is well, and you are loved.
  • And much, much more!

When Having It All Isn’t Enough Workbook

The audio series comes with a 55-page workbook with 12 sets of discussion-guide questions and exercises linked to the series' 12 trainings. Often, members of YPO forums or other small groups will listen to a 30-minute audio session in preparation for their regular small-group meeting, and then use the workbook discussion questions or exercises as a stimulus for small-group discussion.

To gain a feel for the workbook content and its application, both for an individual or within a small group, download the Whole-Life Vital Signs Checklist [104KB PDF].

Listen to samples from Jim Warner's audio series.
The Whole-Life Audit – An Introduction [4270KB MP3]
Top 10 Life Issues – Our Life Mission [401KB MP3]
Top 10 Life Issues – Money [5373KB MP3]

When Having It All Isn’t Enough will give you a treasure of life-transforming nuggets you can apply today. Let Jim’s own journey guide you to new levels of life satisfaction!

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Six CDs/Bonus CD/Workbook

Click here to order When Having It All Isn't Enough directly from the publisher, Nightingale-Conant.

  • Bobby Sager
    "YPOer, philanthropist, world-level change agent
    Transitions are filled with opportunity. But you need to face yourself and be true. Jim Warner’s intuitive, practical, and challenging guidance yields a return on investment that is beyond anything you ever knew."
  • Ian Troop
    CEO – 2015 Pan American Games
    "Jim crafted an intervention with my Global management team at ConAgra Foods International. His combination of people savvy and commonsense tools bridged cultures and had a lasting impact on how our Leadership team worked together."
  • Robert Mulderig
    WPO – Bermuda
    “Jim Warner has been a tremendous addition to a number of our YPO and WPO Forums. He has an amazing ability to get us to dig deep, seek the truth, and confront the destructive behaviors that hold us back from clean living. Jim is a warm, empathetic, great guy, and has become a friend in addition to a valued resource.”
  • David Stoup
    Chairman – Weil Lifestyle, LLC
    “Jim’s intuition is excellent and his delivery is awesome. The Personal Transformation Retreat is a ‘must do’ for anyone who wants to understand themselves and their relationships with others.”
  • Steve Lockshin
    CEO – Convergent Wealth Management
    "Jim and his associates have been instrumental in our firm's development around the most crucial area of business – communication. Day and day again we put into practice the elements developed during our OnCourse training. I'm proud to say these techniques have also had a positive impact on my personal relationships outside of work."
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