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Personal TransformationsPhilosophy and Approach

We help individuals and couples as they face, explore, and resolve life transition issues. The issues may be vocational, marital, personal, emotional, or spiritual, and are often a blend of all these. Our role is to guide you in bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Based on a blend of homework and interviews, our work is highly customized to your situation. We focus on what you want and any places where you have a pattern of being stuck or blocked. We guide you in understanding these patterns at their core. Once you understand your patterns, and what you really want – typically a blend of deeper personal awareness, a renewed sense of life purpose, clean, intimate relationships, and greater peace and joy in life – we guide you through the transformation of your blocking patterns in a way that helps you reach and sustain your goals.

The typical range of our work is to:

  • Befriend: You are not alone.
  • Diagnose: Get to the root of your issues.
  • Inspire: Have hope; you can get through this; the rewards are worth it.
  • Teach: How you got where you are, and how to transition out.
  • Guide: Through the actual life transformation.
  • Encourage: When you balk at change or need to be pushed.
  • Coach: To maintain the discipline required to enact the transformation.
  • Empower: To sustain the change on your own.
  • Link: We introduce you to our network of other high achievers committed to Authentic Living.

Our approach uses proven models for positive life change. We provide our clients with uplifting, practical tools for living out their innate life calling with integrity and serenity. Committed clients learn how to achieve their unique life goals, built on a foundation of (1) personal aliveness, (2) authentic relationships, and (3) a passionate life purpose.

We strive to guide and inspire, while leading "from a step behind." We believe that healing and growth come from within our clients; we simply facilitate the process. Our role is to provide the environment, method, encouragement, and accountability for getting clarity on core issues, committing to a new life plan, and then living out that plan.

Our work is not "therapy." We do, however, offer a commonsense balance between spirituality, psychology, and the cultural quandary of modern leaders. We know the traps our clients are most prone to fall into – because we have been there ourselves and have discovered the way out. We have also worked with hundreds of high achievers who wrestle with similar issues. We strive to shorten this process for our clients, guiding them through their "stuckness" (e.g., reticence, numbness, fear of change) to clarity and action.

How We Work with Clients

Our work is similar to a full-service medical clinic. Most client engagements start with a diagnosis – a Personal Life Assessment. You'll do some written homework, and meet with Jim or another OnCourse Associate to review your "symptoms" and get clear about what you want. As in a consultation with a physician, we'll probe you about your background, especially how and when your current situation has appeared in the past, and what or who triggers your current symptoms (e.g., disillusionment, defensiveness, resentment).

During this initial meeting you'll also have a chance to check us out. We'll both determine whether we want to go forward with each other. Based on our experiences with thousands of other high achievers, we'll share our candid assessment of your situation and suggest next steps, ranging from "doing nothing," to further diagnostics, to a Personal Transformation Retreat , to "immediate surgery," to a Life Plan, to ongoing coaching programs.

It's then up to you whether or not you wish to retain us. Sometimes we refer clients to other resources or programs, outside of the OnCourse network. If we decide to work together, you may initially choose to focus on only one "pressure point" in your life (e.g., your work situation or a broken relationship). Regardless of the initial approach, we work, long-term, only with clients who are committed to achieving whole-being health.

Using the information gleaned from the assessments and interviews, we guide you through your own transformation. Normally, this requires going into and through the heart of your issues (e.g., facing the difficult conversation you have been avoiding). We then encourage and guide you in transforming or releasing old patterns, draining relationships, or any baggage that has kept you stuck. This is the “surgical” part of the transformation process.

We then guide you in developing a detailed life plan for sustaining the well-being achieved in the transformation process. Most clients then enter into a multi-month coaching and accountability relationship with an OnCourse Associate. These advisory services are like physical therapy after surgery; the coaching assures that healing is complete and vibrancy is sustained. This ongoing coaching leads to whole-life performance enhancement and enduring authenticity.

We invite our clients to commit to the following life-transforming shifts in their identity, relationships, and vocation.

Complaining Responsibility
Concealing Revealing
Control Collaboration
Defensiveness Curiosity
Resentment Compassion

Over time committed explorers experience the following shifts.

Knowledge Wisdom
Accomplishment Service
Accumulation Stewardship
Recognition Presence
Control Gratitude
Entitlement Appreciation
Ego Expression True Self Expression

For more specific information on our approach, go to Personal Transformation Offerings.

  • David Stoup
    Chairman – Weil Lifestyle, LLC
    “Jim’s intuition is excellent and his delivery is awesome. The Personal Transformation Retreat is a ‘must do’ for anyone who wants to understand themselves and their relationships with others.”
  • Scott Lynn
    CEO – Atkinson Construction
    "Jim Warner offers a wealth of ability and experience for navigating life's rough water. His unique ability to confront in a caring manner encourages each of his clients to address their critical issues, and to be accountable for the results. In the serious pursuit of understanding and growth, you will find no better guide than Jim."
  • Frank Buonanotte
    WPO – Southern Seven
    “To say that my work with Jim has been life-changing would be an understatement; life-saving would be far more accurate. Jim’s thoughtful guidance has created the opportunity for me to shift into a completely different life – one filled with joy.”
  • Lou Tilchin
    Managing Partner – Jaffe Tilchin Wealth Management
    "Jim has guided me to be in integrity with myself and those around me. He has helped transform me from an emotionally closed person to a loving, feeling, and emotionally open person. I have deep gratitude for Jim's wisdom, patience, and persistence in helping me reclaim my life."
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